Julien-K Style changes [eng version]

About the guys change of looks on stage and their stage presence back in the DTA days.  Some people wonder if some parts of their distinctive look and energy live are missing in this new approach on the Euro tour. Source

Thanks to romansoldierdude from the JK Forum for making this observation and question.


Ryan Shuck answers:

“Unfortunately I don’t like to answer on the board much because I feel it just gets lost with all the spam, but I think this question/thread is worth giving it a try here. Maybe my answer can be reposted in other environments so our core fans that have the same questions can at least have this one answered.

We purposely decided to downplay the look of the band. Has nothing to do with money, Level 7, or anything. We are capable (financially) of doing pretty much anything we want when we want – but that doesn’t mean we SHOULD go balls to wall with our outfits all the time. In fact – we were getting bored with the look, and much more focused on our music. so, as professional artists (which we are), we sort of naturally started changing it up a bit – making it less formal and less contrived. We’re feeling a little bit more street these days – so it shows in our look. we really wanted this new music to speak for itself – we didn’t want to try to make every show “perfect” with our look, make up, gear, lights, etc… We are playing for a TON of new people every day (according to plan), and we really want them to like the band because the music blows them away and makes them jump and dance… and that’s exactly what’s been happening. we sort of WANT people to not know what they’re getting before the first note is played onstage (before, I think people sort got an idea of what we were about just by looking at our gear – and that was by design). but at this point, i would feel pretty silly rehashing that same DTA look over and over…. it’s time to slowly morph into a new look and vibe – and that will happen as the new record becomes popular, and our shows get bigger and bigger (which is already happening – and thank you guys for that!!).

That does NOT mean we are not into fashion, a look, etc. we totally are. It also doesn’t mean that we won’t bring back big production, etc. – we absolutely will come up with NEW looks and NEW production when it is the right time and right situation, and when we naturally feel the change coming. Right now we’re playing small shows, building this thing up the way we should of years ago, but couldn’t due to legal reasons. Right now we are being humble and letting our music speak.

It’s always about the music FIRST.

Keep in mind – our art will always be about remaking ourselves… Sometimes it will be more flashy, sometimes less. But the music will always be the main focus and drive whatever look we have at whatever given time.

You’ll see when the new record hits….


It’s worth visit the official forum once in a while. Although it has a lot of spam out there that sadly is killing the forum and the activity in it, some threads such as this once are worth the search between that sea of spam.



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