So you grew up slow, in a shit-hole town
With nothing to do, and nobody around
Wasting your time in made up places
A queen surrounded by familiar faces
So life is hard, and you let it show
Priced to sell, with nowhere to go
This isn’t who you wanted to be
So does it ease your mind to take it out on me?

You know you’re like a disease
When you’re so easy to please
Don’t try to tie me down
Down on your hands and your knees

You can’t save me, as you break me

Don’t get up
Stand up
Let up
Won’t let you bring me down

Now everybody’s gathered around, like there’s something to see
But all feel your eyes looking at me
To many times, and to many places
A love is lost, leaving no traces
And this is how the story goes
Wasted time with record lows
So tell me who you want me to be
A dead end ride or a new belief?

Can’t blame everyone you see
When you only look at me


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