A message to the Julien-K guys

JK Portugal would like to thank the most amazing band in the world for being awesome connecting with their fans on a close range (not many bands do it, and you guys do it in an amazing way) it means a lot to us(the fans) to know what’s up directly from the band members and being able to hang out with you after the shows, it’s an awesome thing to do for the fans and I bet many people agree with me on this. Bringing us a fresh performance every time you present yourselves on tour and your talent to make music that really amazes and satisfies everyone in a way no other music does, it’s hard to explain haha
On behalf of Julien-K Portugal I would like to say that we will work to make you guys achieve some level of importance/success in Portugal, you’re a great band and a great group of individuals that really deserve all the success in the world and we’ll work to bring a bit of joy for you. May this and the next years be full of success.

P.S- Guys if you read this please think about visiting us, you won’t regret it, many of us are still waiting for a visit since the Orgy era.

Julien-K Portugal